High-End Audio Mastering

The mastering process is a form of recorded audio post-production where the main purpose is to properly prepare and transfer recorded audio from a source (containing the final mix) to a data storage device called the Master. The latter will become a new source from which all commercial copies will be produced via different chosen methods such as pressing, duplication or replication. These days the most common final format of choice is digital masters.

Please, take a close look at the “Critical Listening” section on this site for further explanations!

To those of you who'd like to get their own material sound the very best - here are some of our services:

• Top and tail all songs for precise "ins" and "outs"
• Arrangement edits (add / cut a verse, chorus etc.)
• Content edits (make radio friendly)
• Blend sounds or effects into songs

• Adjust relative loudness from song to song
• Compression and Peak Limiting (where and if necessary)
• Compare to other commercially released CD's
• Correct stereo imaging problems if necessary

• Brighten or warm up mixes
• Consistent sound from song to song
• Consistent sound in a variety of listening environments
• Correct mix problems

• Place songs in correct order
• Set spacing between songs
• Maximize emotional impact
• Cross fades or Hidden tracks

Add Enhanced Material
• MPEG Video
• Pictures / Bios
• Web Content
• Links

• DDP Production Master
• CD Production Master
• Detailed PQ list (furnished with every Production Master)