HiZ Productions studios is a well established High-End Audio Mastering company, now with three different facilities – two in Europe and one in USA.

As you obviously know pretty well, the Audio Mastering is a vital part of the music production process, so much so that a substantial amount of mythology is associated with it. We've all heard stories about highly-priced mastering engineers using mystical, proprietary gear based on gilded vacuum tubes salvaged from ancient Russian submarines (some vintage satellites?)... or something similar. But we've also heard of computer studio owners with a two-track editor and a few plug-ins who have started mastering their own material - that's why so many of the commercially available CDs today sound much worse than the music deserves... We have also heard the poor results of those stupid “loudness wars” leading to squashed recordings that lack the impact of natural dynamics.

At HiZ Productions we are taking the best of both approaches - combining the best hardware (modern and vintage!) with the latest software...


Borislav Dimitrov (a.k.a. Boro)

is the founder and chief Mastering Engineer of HiZ Productions studios. Boro has that scarce combination of solid scientific experience and rich musical background. Long years of research in the field of acoustics around Europe and USA and extended studio and live work as a guitar player can't be found that often, especially combined!

Don't hesitate to ask whatever might be of interest and we'll do our best to explain in detail!


Dimitar Dimitrov

has gained his experience as an audio engineer through extensive live sound reinforcement, studio tracking and mixing, mastering for different companies and finally establishing his own mixing and mastering studio. He joined HiZ Productions studios in 2009 along with his own set of equipment.


Stoyan Guenov

is our representative in Los Angeles, USA, where we have many clients. He is now becoming an expert in Critical Listening (see the corresponding section in this site)



Radoslav Raykov - Hiero

is our representative in Boston, MA, USA. He is responsible for the East Coast clients - being a great recording artist and a "golden ear" of the new generation. You can count on his evaluation and advice when it comes to sonic signature assessment and production procedures!